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Subscription fee 2020 : £43.00

Each member pays a subscription when they first join and in January of each year.

For new members joing the WI for the first time there is a pro rata subscription depending on the quarter in which they join. Contact the secretary for more details.


Refreshments cost and raffle entry: £1.50 per meeting

Guest fee: £3.50 a visit (for up to 3 times)


We like to think that at CWI you get double the value for your money as unlike any other WI group, we have 2 regular meetings a month covered in your fee, both an afternoon and an evening one.

  • Access to local, county and federation-wide WI events and activities

  • 8 issues of WI membership magazine WI Life a year

  • Access to a wide range of courses at Denman College – www.theWI.org.uk/college

  • Having your voice heard: Making a real impact

  • The opportunity to learn, develop and pass on new skills

  • Making friends, working as a team, having fun

  • Exclusive access to the WI Moodle, the WI training website

..and much more          

You can belong to more than one WI. To do so you would need to pay the full membership fee to the first WI, and a further £21.50 to any additional WIs. This entitles you to take a full and active part in any additional WIs and have full voting rights on matters relating to your primary WI.

Dual Membership

Membership Benefits



We love to meet up

with women of any

age, background, race,

religion and sexuality.

You are more than

welcome to join us.


Our membership

ranges from the ages of

23 to 82, and we’re

very proud of this fact!

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